Fabrication and Assembly Facilities

From the simplest telescopic regular and aluminum tubing application to complex products that require custom fabrication, Alfiniti has the fabrication and assembly facilities to turn designs into reality.

We deliver products that meet a wide range of dimensional tolerances, degrees of precision, and qualities of finish, in finished or semi-finished states ready for final assembly. We have the equipment to precision cut, bend, weld, punch and drill holes and to perform a range of expanding, swaging and deburring operations.

Our fully equipped cold-drawing department includes a comprehensive range of modern equipment including state-of-the-art draw benches, straightening equipment, automated and semi-automated cutting stations, complete degreasing capabilities, as well as a high-efficiency heat treatment oven and miscellaneous peripheral equipment:

Our fabrication department is constantly expanding and currently includes various production presses, horizontal and vertical benders, custom manufactured equipment, swaged and related equipment, deburring and end-forming equipment, cutting equipment, assembly stations, fabrication equipment.

Complete assembly

At ALFINITI, we have decades of experience creating custom assembly solutions and the facilities to support your requirements. With a global network of partners, we can source additional components and provide complete assemblies, streamlining your production processes. Our assemblies are carefully quality-controlled to meet strict tolerances.  



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