Porthole drawn tube

For superior strength and hardness, thin walls, impeccable surface finish, consistent dimensional tolerances and precise bending capability, drawn tubing is the answer. Alfiniti has the expertise, machinery and tooling required to make drawn tubes in all shapes and sizes.

Our porthole drawn tubing ranges in size from ¼” OD to 5.5000” OD.  With minimums as low as 1,100 lbs, sizes from 0.500” to 5.500”, wall thicknesses from 0.030” and up and cut lengths of up to 21 feet, we can satisfy almost any drawn tube need with the shortest lead times in the industry.


ALFINITI’s superior drawn tube is used for tent poles, antennas, chairs, extension poles, air cylinders and many other recreational, automotive, marine, health care, telecommunications and furniture applications. It is ideal for applications that require tight tolerances, thin walls or high structural integrity and predictable performance under pressure.

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